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02/15/2022 - Paul Teichen
Bought and sold a Single Family home in 2022 in Mukilteo, WA.

Lisa was responsive and ready to talk bidding strategy both weekdays and weekends during the hottest of seller’s markets.  She let my wife and I adjust our expectations without passing judgement and correctly predicted market trends at every step of the process.  She was an invaluable resource to craft attractive offers and find a perfect home for my family.

12/23/2021 - massimo perga
Bought a Single Family home in 2021 in Snohomish, WA.

We were relocating to the Puget Sound area from abroad.

We started our search from abroad in May '21, when we met Lisa online. From the beginning, she took care of us.
Initially, she assessed our needs and budget and provided recommendations that met our search criteria as soon matching properties were available on the market. Then, for each property proposed, she shared her feedback about the property location.

In September '21, when we were in the Puget Sound area for a few days and before the final move, we came prepared for the in-person visit of the properties. 
Before the in-person visit, Lisa met us to shortlist the properties to optimize the property tour.
Thanks to Lisa's hard work since May, we were prepared for the various options on the market, meeting our budget and requirements.
In only two days of in-person visits, we managed to find the right property and made the offer.
We had to come back abroad for a few weeks; meanwhile, Lisa followed has been our "ambassador" in Puget Sound, including assisting with the various inspections and involving us during them through video calls.
We successfully closed the house purchase in October '21.

Why do I recommend Lisa and give her a five star?
She is very knowledgeable of Puget Sound, given her 20+ years of experience in the region.
She has a long time experience with people willing to buy in Puget Sound and not onsite: had I been looking to buy a property because I've got a job with a big tech company, Lisa IS the realtor that can help. Her perspectives on the various areas are practical, helpful, and impartial.
She puts passion in what she does, ensuring her clients are happy.
She went over and beyond our best expectations!

Thank you, Lisa, for all that you did for us.

Highly likely to recommend5.0

11/12/2021 - Maureen Wells
Consulted me on buying or selling a home in WA 98012.

Lisa Bender is the ultimate real estate professional. She has been our Buyers’ Agent while we have struggled with the Seattle housing market. We are very picky. She is perceptive and has been understanding of our situation. She is a great communicator, promptly responds to inquiries and requests for appointments, offers her professional opinion regarding neighborhood hazards to be avoided, consistently provides associated listing documents without us asking, and has provided quality advice while making offers. She knows what Buyers need to be ready. Thank you, Lisa. You are fabulous!

10/30/2021 - JeffBarnhill8
Sold a Single Family home in 2021 in Snohomish, WA.

My wife and I have moved over 20 times in our life so you can imagine the amount of agents we dealt with in that time period. Lisa was by far, the easiest and most thorough agent we have dealt with. Why? 1. Very professional, knows her stuff and the area. She has a GREAT sense of humor and we had a lot of fun during this process. 2. Was turn key. After we signed with Lisa, it was on auto pilot. She provided an interior decorator, whole house cleaner, stager and a FANTASTIC photographer. All at HER expense!!! Her team was FANTASTIC!!! After we moved, there were some furniture items we no longer wanted. Lisa took care to have those donated. 3. The home changes (maintenance items) she recommended to sell our home were reasonable and low cost. We've had other agents that go way over board (i.e. paint whole house, pull landscaping, etc). 4. She is VERY data driven. She researched the asking price and after discussing with me we agreed. As a result, we sold our house on the first day for full asking price. 5. We needed some repairs on our home (previous owners did not mount large screen tv bracket to the wall studs, you can guess what happened about 12 months later). Lisa recommended a Drywall repair and restoration professional. In a couple days it was fixed! Couldn't tell there were 4 6 inch holes there to begin with! And this individual became a friend :) 6. Lisa has the highest integrity of any agent I have met. I won't go into details, but she is a trustworthy individual and cares deeply for her clients AND potential buyers. There's a reason Lisa is the highest rated agent on Zillow (Reason I selected her). If you select Lisa, you will not regret it it.


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"It's moving day, into our first house, and we couldn't have done it without the amazing Lisa Bender. From the "curious if we could do this" step all the way up to getting the keys, Lisa was there for us to answer questions and support the process. She even had Bernstein Bears moving day book to   help my little girl's anxiety about it all. We were amazed at how available she made herself to accommodate our timeline. I'd recommend Lisa to anyone in her service area seeking to buy a home. She's amazing!"

(Oct. 2021) Update to previous review- 3 years after our first home purchase, with Lisa again at the helm of our team, we sold! Quickly and over asking price, too. This sale was part of a huge move to back east, and she could not have made it easier for us. Before we moved she set up a stager and cleaners. We handed her a spare set of keys, left the extras in the kitchen drawer and drove away. The cleaners came later that day and worked miracles on our pet-and-kid friendly house. The stager set up the following day and it was stunning! The media packages she puts together for the listings are so polished. They created ours the day after staging, then we listed the following day and sold in 25 hours on the market with a 2-week quick close offer. Not only is she fantastic at making buying and selling a breeze for her clients, but she goes the extra mile every time. We left a few items behind that she graciously mailed to us, and she sent us an amazing Shutterfly book of the listing pictures. Lisa takes care of the details so you don’t have to worry about them on top of all the other things going on in life during a huge move. I cannot recommend her and her team enough for both buying and selling. I am still in awe of how she took care of everything so seamlessly. I wholeheartedly recommended her to anyone in need of real estate support in the area.

05/30/2018 - NEitel, Bought a Single Family home in 2018 for approximately $500K in Everett, WA.

"Lisa is absolutely amazing. She’s everything you want in an agent - knowledgeable, responsive, patient, and pretty damn funny. Five years ago she helped us buy our first home. She showed us a ton of houses and ultimately found us the perfect one - it had an acre of land in Edmonds with a creek  running through it, how cool is that?

When it came time to sell, we of course wanted to work with Lisa again, but we were also wooed by an online brokerage’s low listing fees. So we met with their agent and... it was not a great experience. They were hurried, didn’t want to see all of the property, had no suggestions for improvements, and worst of all were insistent on listing it 50k below where we wanted it listed. For a unique house like ours, not having an agent that could see the selling points was a red flag. We chose Lisa. Funny thing is, we never told the other agent we were switching, they just never reached out to us again. Oh well.

Lisa suggested some sensible improvements and for the bigger jobs (like landscaping) referred us to contractors to get the work done. Everyone she hooked us up with was awesome and affordable. I think we saved any difference in listing fees in these referrals alone.

In the end, we had multiple offers above our asking price waiting for us on the offer review date. What more could you ask for?

Buying or selling a house, you’d be lucky to work with Lisa."

05/15/2018 - ZNelson, Sold a Single Family home in 2018 for approximately $560K in Edmonds, WA.

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"Lisa helped me to list and sell my home and also helped me to buy a new one. The selling went very smooth thanks to her negotiation skills. But I have to say, that I was impressed on how she helped me to buy the new house; we had many external issues and she foresee pretty much all, like a wizard,   and  she did all the adjustments and negotiations to ensure we got the house. Lisa really cares."

1/25/2017 - aractnido, Bought a Single Family home in 2016 for approximately $800K in Duvall, WA.


"We found Lisa by sheer luck. There was a house listed next door to our rented place and we casually called Lisa from the number on the listing board on the porch. We did not like the house but loved Lisa. From that first time on, she impressed us with her thoroughness, being responsive to various questions/asks and mostly importantly being customer obsessed. Lisa would always spend time to understand our asks and work backwards to meet it. She was patient, very knowledgeable of her domain (which came in extremely helpful since we were new to the country) and helped us find the house we wanted. With Lisa, you can expect thorough professionalism and yet completely personal service. If I were to buy or sell, I would look no further than Lisa. Thank you, Lisa!"

12/29/2016 - Karthik Mitta, Bought a Single Family home in 2016 for approximately $1.225M in Bridle Trails, Bellevue, WA.


"Lisa is the real estate champ! Lisa was a huge part of why we closed the deal and got our home. Although the process can be challenging in the Seattle housing market Lisa couldn't have made it easier. She helped us narrow our search and once we found a few homes we were interested in we moved quickly and Lisa really led the way. The selling agent was very pleased with how Lisa presented us and Lisa helped us build a conventional offer that ended up beating a cash offer! I still can't believe it. I would highly recommend Lisa to anyone, Ive never met such a helpful and professional real estate agent. Thank you Lisa!"

12/16/2016 - joseph al boswell, Bought a Single Family home in 2016 for approximately $350K in North Delridge, Seattle, WA.


"Lisa was great from the start. She met me at my home and we did a walk through of my house. I told her all of the things I was hoping to take care of and she shot me straight. I asked her questions and she was honest from the start. Told me what and how things would work best and really made me feel like she was listening and eager to help. She was always super responsive and I feel like I have gained a new friend in the process. Absolutely enjoyed working with Lisa, especially for my first time selling a house."

12/15/2016 - user930444, Sold a Single Family home in 2016 for approximately $250K in Granite Falls, WA.


"Lisa responded right away to my questions and kept me informed throughout the process of listing, selling and closing. When prepping the house for sale, one thing made a huge difference: Lisa has a team of professionals she can contact and get to come work at the house according to our needs. That made things so much easier for me than running around to find professionals for each job required! When I went to sign the sale, she even helped me (through the phone!) to find the building I had to go to, as I had trouble with technology at that time. I highly recommend Lisa Bender as a real estate agent."

10/12/2016 - thowling, Sold a Single Family home in 2016 for approximately $600K in Overlake, Redmond, WA.


"I was lucky enough to stumble upon Lisa online. If you are even looking at her reviews and contemplating calling her, just stop what you're doing and contact her. It will make your real estate search so much easier, and you will have someone in your corner. She is so patient and knowledgeable, she answered all my questions and had valuable input throughout the process stemming from her years of knowledge and expertise. She truly cares about her clients and it shows. When we found our house, the sellers had scheduled an open house for that weekend a few days after they had listed the property. They cancelled their open house and accepted our offer, without us having to go over asking. She's the best!"

10/12/2016 - jamiejoyryan, Bought a Single Family home in 2014 for approximately $600K in Snohomish, WA.


"People come along in your lifetime that standout from others. They are either caring, or dedicated to their mission. In Lisa you get far more that I consider a true friend for life. I will always turn to Lisa the rest of My life when it comes to properties. Her work, wisdom, people skills, knowledge, humor, grounded professional approach is what few like her possess. I interviewed 13 agents and am a tough individual having worked in Law enforcement for over 32 years. I choose her after those interviewed and she never let me down. I had an offer within 3 days yet she stuck to the process the entire way. This closing had its challenges, yet she stayed on the path. Lisa even went on vacation and manage to check in with me to asssure any needs or thoughts I had were met. This is going beyond what is required. Lisa is the BEST. If you need an agent then look no farther. There is no one even close to what she will bring you. She loves family, she loves people and she will work hard in treating your greatest asset with its proper respect. I can only suggest to anyone whom is searching for a professional agent that is a cut above all the rest, Lisa is the clear choice."

10/10/2016 - jman14704, Sold a Single Family home in 2016 for approximately $425K in Edmonds, WA.


"Lisa first helped me sell my home in Clearview. I then went on a search for a rambler in Snohomish. I made bids on a couple of homes and was either outbid or contingencies could not be met. We then found my perfect place. The owners were considering taking it off the market to spruce it up more. Lisa got them to consider my offer and then with a little negotiations it is now mine. I highly recommend Lisa."

09/27/2016 - user9890900, Bought and sold a Single Family home in 2016 for approximately $325K in Snohomish, WA.


"We would totally recommend Lisa to anyone wanting to sell or trying to buy a home or land. She is very careful to protect you in every way possible. She sold our home and helped us with our land purchase. We absolutely love her!!!"

09/26/2016 - kellioleson67, Sold a Mobile / Manufactured home in 2016 for approximately $200K in Gold Bar, WA.


 "Lisa has assisted me in buying one home and selling two homes. Her experience, helpfulness, thoughtfulness and friendliness makes her a real estate agent in demand."

07/20/2016 - Kathleen Konarzewski, Sold a Single Family home in 2016 for approximately $325K in Holly, Everett, WA.


"She is wonderful. She found our perfect home. The home is fabulous and we are settling in. If you want an agent who knows exactly what you want, please call Lisa."

06/10/2016 - SandiJensen, Bought a Single Family home in 2016 for approximately $225K in Gold Bar, WA.


"Lisa made our first time home buying experience easy. She always had answers to our questions and would respond extremely quickly any time we needed to reach her. She also has a great personality that made it fun to go see houses. Once we found our perfect house, it was a battle to get it, but Lisa did an great job negotiating and made sure we got it (at a great price!). I highly recommend her."

05/12/2016 - lonnyjohnson1, Bought a Single Family home in 2011 for approximately $250K in Everett, WA.


"Lisa was great to work with. She answered our request for information from the website right away. Lisa went the extra mile for us by driving outside her territory to show us some houses. Another great benefit of having Lisa as our agent is she is well connected. She helped us find a great mortgage broker who made smart decisions for us. I enjoyed Lisa's wealth of knowledge and her easy going personality. It made the house buying process very comfortable. I highly recommend working with Lisa on any home buying experience!"

03/14/2016 - user7078972, Bought a Single Family home in 2013 for approximately $275K in Maple Valley, WA.


"Lisa worked for six months to find me just the right house. She is calm, detail-oriented, knowledgeable, ethical, and just capable in every sense of the word. I could not have been happier with the job that she did."

03/09/2016 - lhardin9, Bought a Single Family home in 2015 for approximately $350K in Snohomish, WA.


"Lisa was phenomenal! She helped us with all steps of the purchase and was a great help in buying our home. She was very patient in working with us as well as very knowledgeable with the contracts and their specifics. We highly recommend her!"

03/09/2016 - user375024613, Bought a Single Family home in 2016 for approximately $400K in Fall City, WA.


"Lisa was always available for questions or concerns. She was very pleasant and easy to work with. She listed our house and we sold it within a few days of listing it with her. Lisa followed through and made sure everything went according to schedule with our closing. I would definitely list with Lisa Bender again and would highly recommend her."

03/09/2016 - user3864718, Sold a Single Family home in 2016 for approximately $875K in Idylwood, Redmond, WA.


"Lisa is amazing! She knew the area really well and was focused on finding us our dream home. She was ready with paperwork when we thought we found our home (we did) and she worked hard to ensure that WE got the home and no one else! We are so happy in our new home and we owe MANY thanks to Lisa. I highly recommend her!"

03/08/2016 - purplepixiechick, Bought a Single Family home in 2012 for approximately $250K in Monroe, WA.


"Lisa came into our home buying experience after we had already started working with a couple other individuals to try to get started buying a home. After speaking with her a few times and going to visit a listing together, it was extremely clear that we needed to dump anybody else we were working with and just go with her. She spent a ton of time working with my wife and I to understand exactly what we were interested in and what was important to us and our future family. She was extremely responsive, constantly matching our preferred method of communication to get us the answers we needed. Quick question via email? She got back right away. Needed to discuss something more significant? She was on the phone as soon as she could be. The immediate response, attention to our needs, and overall pleasure of working with Lisa makes her an easy recommendation to anybody looking to buy a home. Don't waste your time with a big company, go with somebody who knows the area, cares about you, and will help you find a house you are proud to own. That person is Lisa!"

03/04/2016 - JoshBuchacher, Bought a Single Family home in 2015 for approximately $400K in Bothell, WA.


"Lisa was a great advocate for us. She went out of her way several times just to accommodate our evening schedule and to make sure we were among the first to see new listings when they came up. Lisa's knowledge and great sense of humor made our experience with her very comfortable. We highly recommend Lisa Bender. We will use her again when we're ready for our next transition."

03/03/2016 - user1692423, Bought a Single Family home in 2013 for approximately $375K in Snohomish, WA.


"Lisa is an excellent real estate agent. She is very prompt when sending her inquiries and always follows up. And this is not just during the sale but after as well. I would highly recommend Lisa. You won't be disappointed."

03/03/2016 - italia490, Bought a Single Family home in 2015 for approximately $350K in Mukilteo, WA.


"This is our third transaction with Lisa and we couldn't be happier. She is easy to work with, accessible, knowledgeable about the market place and informed."

03/03/2016 - user5736600, Sold a Single Family home in 2014 for approximately $325K in Snohomish, WA.


"While not my first experience in selling a home, Lisa Bender made it one of the easier ones...always responsive to calls/texts/emails. She knew the neighborhood and the market. She developed a winning strategy. Mindful of our budget, Lisa helped us turn a tenant-ravaged house into a move-in-ready home with her on-target repair/upgrade recommendations. Her sales promotion was very effective...the home received SIX full-price-or-better offers within a week of listing it. Lisa is my personal "go-to" gal for all matters real estate..." Betsy DeSalvo

03/03/2016 - bibliobets, Sold a Single Family home in 2015 for approximately $275K in Lake Stevens, WA.


"Lisa was truly amazing. She kept us informed as the process went along. (Which is incredibly important to me). The time, energy and professionalism she put into the listing and sale of our condo was well beyond our expectations. This was the smoothest real estate transaction we've ever had. We are already looking forward to working with Lisa again on another listing. (Repeat customer says a lot!)"

03/02/2016 - dba_dude, Sold a home in 2016 in Kennard Corner, WA 98012.


"Lisa was my selling agent for my house in Snohomish. She was superb in her knowledge of the area and did an awesome job preparing me for a really good experience with the whole process. Following each suggestion she made, my house sold in a week. It was exciting to see it all come together and she was so great to work with. Lisa truly made a potentially stressful time go smooth as silk. I would ...and have...recommend her to anyone."

03/02/2016 - gongylou, Sold a Single Family home in 2015 for approximately $525K in Snohomish, WA.


"I met Lisa about 12 yrs ago when we decided to move to the Seattle area.I told her what I was looking for and she sent me listings to look at. When I arrived in Seattle, she took me to view the listings I was interested in. She kept me focused and pointed a lot of things out that I over looked. Any questions I had she had the answer or found out the answer quickly. The transaction went smoothly.

2014 we decided to sell our home and move out of state. I contacted Lisa and she helped me find an agent in Colorado. She helped me get my house ready to sell--she arranged for pictures and staging etc. She sent me comps so I knew what like properties were selling for in my area. Any questions I had, she got back to me quickly. Their were a couple issues down the road but they concerned the buyer and she and the other agent worked to solve the problems so the sale went as planned. When you buy or sell a house, you want an agent that looks out for your best interests etc. and Lisa is that person."

03/02/2016 - vickie harwood, Sold a Single Family home in 2015 for approximately $625K in Snohomish, WA.


"We loved having Lisa as our real estate agent. She has a wonderful personality and communicates both efficiently and effectively. She replied to all email and text messages quickly and always was able to get the answer I needed. Thank you Lisa!"

03/02/2016 - user7361704, Sold a Condo home in 2015 for approximately $300K in Kenmore, WA.


"What can I say, Lisa is AWESOME! She is always on top of things, very knowledgeable about her job and I can pretty I asked her anything and she would have the answer for me or find out who may have the answer. I feel fortunate for having her as my agent. I would definitely recommend her to all my friends and family. Lisa, thank you so much for everything!!! I am looking forward to the buying process with you! :) You are the best! I'd hug you right now if I can. Thank you Redfin for having Lisa as one of your staff!!! Also thanks to all the staff who helped me sell my house and in the process of helping in buying my new home"

03/02/2016 - jena empa 1125, Sold a Single Family home in 2015 for approximately $550K in Bothell, WA.


"Absolutely amazing...helped me buy my first house! Closed within 2 weeks and I still love the place 5 years later! She showed me numerous different places and researched the area to find exactly what I was looking for."

04/29/2016 - jayleen107, Bought a Single Family home in 2011 for approximately $225K in Evergreen, Everett, WA.


"I was referred to Lisa by a very good friend of mine who had worked with her twice before in selling houses and had sold both homes within 2 days under contract after listing it. Lisa came in and provided excellent direction in preparing the house, brought in a staging agent at no cost to me to provide additional feedback, provided expert pricing advice, and once on the market my home sold in 2 days to a cash buyer. The rest of the experience with Lisa and her staff, specifically Sharon who was amazing, all provided an excellent closing experience. If you are looking for a very knowledgeable agent who will ensure your house gets sold swiftly at the right price in the market, look no further than Lisa!"

04/29/2016 - zuser20160210205526170, Sold a Single Family home in 2016 for approximately $575K in Snohomish, WA.



"Lisa was wonderful to work with. She was always very responsive and on top of our sale. I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for someone with a lot of experience in the local real estate market. I will be using Lisa again when I get ready to buy my next home."

03/14/2016 - user0858140, Sold a Single Family home in 2016 for approximately $625K in Bothell, WA.


"We loved having Lisa as our real estate agent. She has a wonderful personality and communicates both efficiently and effectively. She replied to all email and text messages quickly and always was able to get the answer I needed. Thank you Lisa!"

03/02/2016 - user7361704, Sold a Condo home in 2015 for approximately $300K in Kenmore, WA.


"I highly recommend Lisa...Lisa performed fantastic at selling my home. Lisa and I spoke about what my priorities were for selling my home, and she was very accurate in pricing to market so that I received high offers and sold in my desired time frame. Lisa also provided terrific customer service, I felt she performed excellent given my unique situation which was unusually complex, and I have no doubt she can flexible and will excel in almost any seller or buyer situation. From my experience, I can tell Lisa really enjoys her job. During our transaction she always acted in a very trustworthy and transparent manner. Lisa provided a wonderful selling experience and was a fantastic agent."

03/02/2016 - Adam Behrman, Sold a Townhouse home in 2015 for approximately $350K in Bothell, WA.


"Lisa is very patient and understanding. we looked at a dozen or more house and she stuck with through out it all. She went from city to city county to county to make sure we were happy. Anytime I had questions, she answered without hesitation. She is my go to for all my new home needs."

03/02/2016 - traceb911, Bought and sold a Single Family home in 2010 for approximately $225K in Snohomish, WA.


"My husband and I have nothing but wonderful things to say about Lisa. She helped us buy and sell a home and we are in the process of getting ready to buy another and the only real estate agent we would consider helping us is Lisa. We love her!! She is going to help us find our "Forever Home" again."

03/02/2016 - SandiJensen, Bought and sold a Single Family home in 2014 for approximately $300K in Woods Creek, Monroe, WA.


"Lisa has become more than just an agent for us. She has become a friend. She helped us find our first home and went out of her way to make home ownership possible for us. We also contacted her when we needed to sell that same home. And when we are ready to buy again we will see if Lisa is up for the challenge."

03/02/2016 - zuser20160127183622894, Bought and sold a Single Family home in 2000 for approximately $150K in Marysville, WA.


"I was able to purchase my first home thanks to Lisa's support, patience and expertise of not only the area but the industry as a whole. She not only guided me in the home buying process and help me make very difficult decisions but she works with a wonderful team of people that make the buying process easy. I may not have even considered buying a home if it were not for the "real" talks and advice from Lisa. She came as a referral from a friend and I am always glad to refer others to her."

03/02/2016 - TiffanyBeddoe, Bought a Single Family home in 2012 for approximately $225K in Bothell, WA.


"I worked with Lisa for around 6 months. This is my first time to purchase a home. Every time I had questions, Lisa responded to me very fast and gave me very detailed answer! She is very patient to take me view the houses for more than 30+ times! I remembered one day, I would like to take a look at a house in Issaquah, but she was going to vacation. But she still showed me the house on her way of vacation! Really appreciate her help! She also explained the risk to me when I wanted to waive inspection and financial. She is a nice person, anyone would like to work with."

03/02/2016 - user31845307, Bought a Single Family home in 2015 for approximately $575K in Issaquah Highlands, Issaquah, WA.


"We are very happy with our experience with Lisa. She was very knowledgeable of the buying process and very responsive and patient with us as we looked at many houses and as our short sale purchase took several months. We appreciate the advice she gave us during the negotiation process and would recommend her to anyone."

03/02/2016 - isaacg19, Bought a Single Family home in 2012 for approximately $175K in Bothell, WA.


"Flawless, knowledgeable, stress-free, efficient, and friendly. Those are just a few of the many great things I have to say about Lisa Bender's service while helping us with our first home purchase. Her experience with and knowledge of real estate and the market saved us precious time and taught us a lot. One specific example, was when we were interested in a property listed at the upper end of our price range, but not interested in getting into a bidding war on it. Lisa told us the home would likely sell for much more than the listing price, so we focused our attention elsewhere. A month later, I noticed it had sold for 20% more than the listing price! We are extremely satisfied and would certainly go with her again."

07/01/2015 - rickynevada, Bought a Single Family home in 2015 for approximately $350K in Bothell, WA.


"Impressive, Masterful, Immediate and Excellent... All 5 Stars and I am certain to refer business to Lisa Bender in the future. I have bought and sold several homes with Lisa over the years. Just read her reviews. This particular home was purchased at auction and then resold within 6 months for a substantial profit. Lisa marketed effectively and we had a buyer within 30 days of list (and that was 2012). You should be honored to have found Lisa to work with..."

05/01/2015 - traviscourseyloans, Bought a Single Family home in 2012 in Monroe, WA.


"Lisa was my listing agent. I’ve sold a few homes and know many agents. I met Lisa at an open house a long time ago and stayed on her mail list. I liked her approach on the correspondence I received. So when I reached out to a few agents to discuss the listing I took the time to meet with her. Price wasn’t my most important concern because anyone can inflate price to capture a listing. What I wanted was an honest opinion from a knowledgeable currently successful professional that could do an excellent job of marketing the listing and who could guide though the steps required took to make the sale. Lisa did that and so much more. She worked hard for me and earned every cent she was paid. I always knew she was doing her best at working on the sale and not “working me”. Selling a home is always an emotional experience and it’s nice to have honest frank conversations with a professional who has a track record of success that is easy to communicate with. I highly recommend Lisa if you want an excellent agent. Larry L Layman"

04/28/2015 - Congo C, Sold a Single Family home in 2014 for approximately $400K in Edmonds, WA.


"Greetings, We bought our home last fall, and Lisa Bender help us getting the right house. She guided us all the way through, Lisa is very patient, friendly, helpful. She answered all our questions very patiently, we were first time home buyers, so we didn't know what all to look for, so she guided us, and told us what all to look for when buying a house. Lisa is very quick to respond to emails, phone calls, text messages. We are very happy with our house, and we are very thankful to Lisa for all her help getting us the right house. Best Prakash Mamidi"

04/17/2015 - prakashmamidi, Bought a Single Family home in 2014 for approximately $550K in Sammamish, WA.


"Lisa helped us locate and negotiate purchasing our dream home. I was thankful for her patience with us as initially we were all over the place, looking at everything. Lisa listened and heard what our dreams, wants and needs were and kept us on track to our goal."

03/25/2015 - serfasdd, Bought a Single Family home in 2009 for approximately $400K in Edmonds, WA.


"Lisa was instrumental in closing the deal on our new home. Our condo sold the first day it was listed and we found out dream home 4 days later! If Lisa hadn't gone out of her way to meet me at the house after the official open house and worked on the offer that night - we probably wouldn't have gotten our home. The one thing I appreciate most about Lisa is her work ethic. She did everything possible to help us get our home - and most of it happened outside of normal working hours."

03/24/2015 - carinadougherty, Bought and sold a Condo home in 2014 for approximately $225K in Bothell, WA.


"Lisa is amazing! As a first time home buyers I didn't know much about the buying process. Lisa was awesome and my boyfriend and I are now living in a better house than we imagined. Best part? She helped us get into our house within a month or two of meeting her! I also love that she keeps in touch. Thank you Lisa! I recommend her to anyone buying a home!"

03/23/2015 - debbielybyer, Bought a Single Family home in 2013 for approximately $200K in Sultan, WA.


"Lisa was a blessing to me! She was always available when I needed her, never hesitated to work around my schedule to show me homes. She went above and beyond in helping me find the home that was just for me! Highly recommend Lisa Bender!"

03/18/2015 - user09804930, Bought a Single Family home in 2014 for approximately $250K in Duvall, WA.


"Lisa helped us find our perfect new home and sell our old one. The only reason we got our house was her recommendation to offer slightly more than asking plus throw in a couple of perks (there were multiple offers and these small additions made the difference). Plus she helped us price our old house correctly so it sold immediately and for much more than the asking price. Lisa will bend over backwards to make sure you find the perfect fit for you. I highly recommend her for both buyers and sellers."

03/17/2015 - lenandsally, Bought a Single Family home in 2014 for approximately $425K in Martha Lake, Lynnwood, WA.


Lisa was willing to run to see any house that caught my attention at a moment's notice. She gave valuable feedback as to condition and location and pointed out things I would never have thought of. She always responds immediately to emails and calls and went the extra mile to get contracts perfected and signed. She handled the multiple offers I received on my house very smoothly and pointed out the details in every contract. Very responsive and knowledgeable realtor.

03/17/2015 - user8853987, Bought and sold a Condo home in 2014 in Lynnwood, WA.


"Hands down, Lisa was the best realtor we could have asked for. As first time buyers, we were not quite sure what we wanted and she had to drive to so many places with us. The places were often far outside the city, but she was very patient, kind and helped us stay positive throughout the purchase process. Besides her friendly and up-lifting demeanors, she was very knowledgeable in the market and had many great connections in real estate business. The bank I originally picked for mortgage took too long, and we almost missed the house, until Lisa came through in the last minute. She magically extended the deadline with the seller and connected us with her colleague at a local mortgage company. In the end, we go the house and are very happy. Thank you Lisa!"

01/12/2015 - hyokster, Bought a home in 2014.


"We rolled the dice by using a realtor from an online service, but we hit the jackpot with Lisa Bender! (Pardon my mixed gambling metaphor.) Lisa was extremely responsive to our needs, always available to answer questions or show us homes, and helped us understand the unique real estate issues in Washington state (we're from Texas). We cannot say enough great things about Lisa. Call her! You will be SO GLAD you did."

08/05/2013 - Jamie Moran, Bought a Single Family home in 2013 for approximately $375K in Snohomish, WA.


"Lisa is a professional of what she does, she takes the time to research and study the market to ensure it is fair to all parties. She is personable and on time every time."

07/31/2013 - rivastian, Sold a Single Family home in 2013 for approximately $325K in Woodinville, WA.


"Lisa is phenomenal!! We were under a tight schedule to find our perfect home and she helped us every step of the way. She made herself available on short notice, gave us great advice, tips and honest opinions at every house we looked at. She is trustworthy to the core, has lots of experience and is a joy to work with. Ultimately we found a Home Path house and with Lisa's expertise with paperwork, negotiating skill and a little luck, it is now our dream home. I recommend Lisa to anyone I know who needs a realtor."

05/24/2013 - user60787124, Bought a Single Family home in 2012 for approximately $400K in Duvall, WA.


"Lisa helped my husband and I buy our first house back in July 2011 and we loved working with Lisa! She was very informative, and I really appreciated how she pointed out potential risks when when we were looking at houses. She answered all of our questions and we felt at ease during the whole process. We would recommend her to anyone! We are still in the house we bought and we love it so much!"

05/15/2013 - user04148337, Bought a Single Family home in 2011 for approximately $225K in Silver Lake, Everett, WA.


"Lisa was very patient with us as first time home buyers. She helped us through several false starts before we finally found a short-sale that met our needs. Lisa was always prompt in responding to our questions and was great at working around our busy schedules. Lisa is also quite tech savvy, which is a bonus for a pair of software engineers looking for a house."

05/08/2013 - Serilyn, Bought a Single Family home in 2012 for approximately $275K in Woodinville, WA.


"This was the first home we have ever purchased and Lisa made the experience smooth, stress free and actually fun. We felt like we were working with a good freind and that she truly had our best interests at heart. She is fun, friendly, knowledgable, and honest. I would highly recommend her and if a time comes for us to sell our house or buy another property I will request her help with out hesitation."

05/05/2013 - user3843571, Bought a Single Family home in 2013 for approximately $225K in Marysville, WA.



"Lisa was very accommodating to our requests to view houses. She made herself available during the week and weekends. We were looking at foreclosed homes as well as regular sales and we had no problem getting the information we needed from Lisa to make an informed decision and make an offer."

04/29/2013 - user5125150, Sold a Single Family home in 2012 for approximately $275K in Bothell, WA.


"After buying and selling several homes with other agents, my wife and I met Lisa Bender at an open house. We were immediately impressed with the extra steps she was taking to sell her client's home. After our home sat on the market for several months - and with little effort from our previous agent- we hired Lisa. With Lisa's expertise and professionalism, our home quickly sold, and at a healthy profit! She really proved her value in finding us a new home which we absolutely love! We are huge fans of Lisa Bender! She is a star Realtor and we wouldn't hesitate to use her again."

04/21/2013 - user1823878, Bought and sold a Single Family home in 2007 for approximately $750K in Snohomish, WA.


"We had been looking for a house in snohomish county for quite a while. We had recently sold our home and were not happy with the service we received from our first real estate agent. We found Lisa Bender online and will never use another agent again. Lisa was professional, extremely accommodating, very personable and she really understood what we were looking for in a home. We ended up finding our dream home through Lisa, but it had multiple offers. Because of Lisa's reputation in the industry, the sellers decided to go wit our offer and we got the house we always wanted. We could not be happier with the service and expertise we received from Lisa Bender. I would highly recommend her for any real estate transaction. Kelly and Per Cummings"

04/20/2013 - kellymarlo4, Bought a Single Family home in 2006 for approximately $575K in Arlington, WA.


"Lisa was always very quick to respond to email/phone calls and kept us informed of status at all times. That is really important considering the housing market right now. We closed on the property ~15 days after it was listed. She made sure all the paperwork was processed in time to ensure the closing. Lisa is also very understanding and patient. She would visit listings with us even though I knew I wasn't going to put in an offer but wanted to get a feel for the comps in the area."

04/19/2013 - user8899353, Bought a Condo home in 2013 in Grass Lawn, Redmond, WA.


"We happened to see one of Lisa's listings by accident while driving around and when I contacted her she offered to be our agent and set up a meeting. Since my husband and I were first-time home buyers, Lisa was willing to sit down and and explain the whole process with us in detail. She took into account our wish list and did her very best to find what we were looking for. She found two homes we really loved, and when we were ready to make an offer she was very quick to submit it. She was so helpful throughout the whole process and was very honest about the road blocks we might encounter along the way. Lisa was a huge asset to us in our search for our first home. She made the process so easy for us and I would definitely recommend her if you're looking to buy a home!"

04/18/2013 - user04061901, Bought a Single Family home in 2010 for approximately $275K in Snohomish, WA.


"Lisa made the whole house buying experience much less stressful than I'm sure it could have been. She was always available by phone with great advice and information of all kinds. Her sage advice was obviously forged from considerable experience, as well as doing plenty of homework in researching the houses we were looking at, and closely listening to what we were looking for. She made time to go through many houses with us and informed us promptly of any red flags and what their implications were. Behind the scenes, she was on top of the paperwork, phone calls, etc., as well as having an incredible network of connections. She was as far from pushy as you could get, and her amazing personal skills helped us tremendously in navigating the stressful moments and making the best decisions. I could not have been more satisfied in my dealings with Lisa Bender."

04/18/2013 - Randy Peterman, Bought a Single Family home in 2011 for approximately $225K in Arlington, WA.



"What can I say? She's amazing, smart, funny, engaged and trustworthy. If you need an honest person that will stick with you until it's done pick Lisa, you can't go wrong. I only wish I could afford more houses so I could work with her again ;) Lisa worked with me October of 2011 to buy a HomePath home - it was great to have some experience on my side. There is a lot of paperwork and a lot of things you have to remember. Lisa was there for me, did the homework, worked with my Bank and got it done. We HAD to close by 10/31/2011, and guess what, that was the day we closed!"

04/18/2013 - user9700054, Bought a Single Family home in 2011 for approximately $350K in Mountlake Terrace, WA.


"I would highly recommend Lisa to anyone buying or selling. She recently helped us do both and made the process feel seamless. She was always amazingly responsive to our requests to view a home, offering insight into things that we may have missed at the viewing. The same incredible accessibility made the stresses of a multiple offer purchase seem less daunting. Her expertise and calm communication during negotiations were amazing and gave me complete confidence in our offer. While it wasn't our first time buying, it was our first time selling and she expertly guided us through that process, as well. From her pricing strategy that was spot on, to her suggestions for getting our house ready for market, Lisa had us perfectly placed and we had multiple strong offers, selling the house after only one weekend. Having the purchase and sale come together so well was beyond our expectations and was completely due to Lisa's skills! "

04/18/2013 - les queirolo, Bought and sold a Single Family home in 2012 for approximately $475K in Snohomish, WA.